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AVRI is your one-stop-shop for professional project management services. We offer expert project management services to our valued clients to ensure the best and successful implementation and perfect execution of all processes. We know proper project management is the core of every business, so AVRI is offering businesses exceptional project management services including, planning, controlling and timely delivery of projects.

Are you looking for an experienced project management company for your business? Are you facing management problems? Let the AVRI do its job!

With years of extensive experience, we make sure that everything will be done effectively from planning to execution within the agreed timeline and cost. That’s something which help us stand alone among competitors.

Why Hire AVRI for your project Management?

An organization is recognized by the services it offers. We fully understand project management requires patience, time, efforts and resources. By hiring a professional consulting firm specializes in project management, this ensures your company time-saving and cost-effectiveness. At AVRI, we’re a team of specialists with exceptional skills in project management.

With our several years’ experience in handling big and small projects, you can be assured and be confident about your project as it’s in safe hands. The strength of our business is our experience in the respective fields and the top expertise which enables us to deliver projects on time with the highest possible standards.

Our premium Project Management services let owners enjoy the most cost-saving solutions. We always strive to exceed businesses’ expectations.

From the initial stage to final, throughout the project, we keep consistent communication between stakeholders. Services are adequately tailored to clients’ needs and requirements.

Being a professional project management consulting company, we recognize all the projects share one thing in common; they demand a highly-detailed approach and undivided attention for perfect execution of the project plan. We also understand that no two of the projects needs are same; businesses possess unique objectives to serve a diverse client base.

Professional Construction Project Management Consultants!

Construction project management should be beyond the technical aspect; it should provide exceptional results by understanding of the facilities need to be delivered. A professional project management team should have a strong grip on the local environment and the business context in which valuable clients are operating.

We take pride!

Our highly trained project management team pay close attention to all the aspects of construction projects in detail. We work as a dedicated project management consult team, and thus offer you exceptional services by managing quality control, reducing risks and deliver successful projects on budget and on time. AVRI focuses on all details. We work hard to deliver every project on time.

Here is a list of tasks we perform under our project management services:

  • Brief Development:

We start with a brief project development plan. We create a clear plan of action that encloses detailing functionality, effective strategy, and the available financial resources.

  • Site Selection:

We assess potential sites by looking at various factors such as, cost, transportations, legislative requirements and the potential risks.

  • Strategic Planning:

We develop an effective strategic plan that fits the client’s requirements. We hire professional advisers to identify the potential solutions.

  • Design Management:

Design Management Services include aspects like how to balance the budget, scope, time and the requirements to ensure completed programs.

  • Risk Management:

We help businesses to prepare to encounter risks and always strive for the best possible solutions.

  • Value Engineering:

AVRI works hard to engage a systematic approach to improve the functional value of services without compromising on quality.

  • Schedule Management:

We offer initial project overview timeline, develop detailed work structure, and identify schedule control.

  • Development Management:

AVRI establish frameworks for all aspects of project delivery—from procedures to reporting to clients.

Attaining your business potentials with skilled professionals is never a complex process. AVRI is indeed the right choice when you want to start planning your dream project. Among the best project management consultants in Canada, we strive to be the best choice for you by providing top-notch support to make your project live with lucrative outcomes. As a trusted project management partner, we specialize in managing your project with impeccable approaches. Our effective planning and proficiency will help you reach your business potentials in no time. We are working closely with the qualified and experienced professionals that focus on serving your business purposes by planning, managing, and organizing activities.

Our main objective is to cover all the aspects of your business and create ready-to-suit facilities. We focus on delivering cost-effective services that aim at your future potentials. We provide you with the best opportunities to grow your capital in no time. When you are looking to plan your next project with professionals, be sure to count on us. Turning your future goals into a live project by implementing result-driven strategies is our main objective. Our experienced professionals are always standing on their toes to provide you a comprehensive range of management and consultant services and ensure you meet your potentials at earliest. We never let you a compromise on quality when it comes to hiring a professional for project management in Canada.

With a team of experienced consultants, we take pride in optimizing your project development, delivery, and operations in a seamless manner. We always strive to implement sustainable project management practices that are tailored to suit your specific needs. Our effective and optimized strategies are based solely on your project management needs. Now, meet us today to reduce the cost and increase efficiency in a flawless manner by implementing better project management plans.

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We’ve years of experience in project management and know how to satisfy customers with superior services.

Excellent Reputation

AVRI has got an excellent reputation for offering premium management services. We deliver all projects on time and on budget with excellent quality.

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We work to meet the client’s requirements and achieve goals through controlled, well-managed sets productive activities.