Measurement and Verification

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Best Energy Efficiency Verification in Canada

AVRI is here to offer you comprehensive range of energy measurement and verification services for energy efficiency and renewable energy schemes. Our professional analysis provides our valuable customers with the premium quality proof of performance and thus enable them to provide proven energy efficiency information to stakeholders and customers to let them allow to make up-to-date future energy efficiency plans based on proven data.

We’re the industry leading provider of performance information for energy efficiency industry, offer ultimate measurement and verification services delivered by experienced specialists.

Energy Measurement Services in Canada

Our services are designed in accordance with IPMVP to facilitate building owners requiring independent verification of system performance. AVRI verify savings and reports against contractual targets, monitor against predicated savings, offer asset performance and alert engineers when replacement of equipment requires.

Our Services

  • Performance Assurance:

We offer specialists strategic level services focus on identifying and managing financial and technical risk.

  • IPMVP-Adherent Measurement and Verification:

We offer the most comprehensive services to measure and verify the performance of large-scale energy projects for the past many years.

  • Verification Service:

An independent third party audit of Measurement and Verification undertaken in-house by contractors.  It helps to ensure any vested interests, or otherwise don’t effect the balance risk between clients and their delivery partners. AVRI ensures assurance and oversight that our whole verification process accords with IPMVP. Moreover, we make appropriate recommendations for actions to achieve this standard.

Why Choose AVRI?

The services offer by us are highly flexible and can easily be adapted to your specific requirements. We offer our clients with end-to-end services including technical feasibility checks and on-going performance analysis.

  • We have a long and proven professional track record in energy data collection and proper analysis.
  • Result-driven expertise in renewable energy systems.
  • We offer full end-to-end technical feasibility services and control checks.
  • Conduct detailed performance analysis.
  • Provision on advice on costs and remedial actions.

Data Collection

We use professional utility data experts and they go beyond limit to get the accurate data for you. We’re working with hundreds of utilities to gather, input and validate data from all energy utilities. However, it never matters what process is required to obtain, we do it in few steps to access the utility data information which requires to show cost avoidance. We do this by collecting and validating the data and thus input it into easy-to-understand dashboard.

Our Approach

  • Project Specific

We first determine M&V’s level and then consider project details such as size, savings history, protocols, IPMVP, and FEMP.

  • Utilize All Data:

AVRI always utilize all available energy data such as data from building automation system and utility meter data.

  • Effective sampling:

Measuring and verification costs quickly upsurge with more data logging, we use suitable sampling techniques to guarantee cost-effective M&V strategies.